Belly Duo - Butter & Oil

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The perfect combination for your pregnant tummy as well as in postpartum. These two together will give you the ultimate results. 

Created with carefully selected natural ingredients, these two beautiful belly products work together to:

- help prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks

- relieve dry, itchy pregnancy skin 

- support your skin elasticity

- boost hydration

- promote healthy collagen production.

This luxurious belly cream and belly oil from Australian brand, Mama & Bird, deeply nourishes your pregnant belly, instantly soothing dryness, and itchiness, whilst helping reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Say goodbye to your itchy pregnant belly and hello to supple, smooth, ultra-hydrated skin that looks and feels radiant. 

Suitable for daily application.

Australian Certified vegan, cruelty free, toxic-free & made safe.  



When applied, our beautiful belly products give a burst of aroma, which fades as the product is absorbed, leaving a soft subtle fragrance that doesn't overwhelm the senses. 

Belly Butter Aroma: Organic Red Mandarin.
Belly Oil Aroma: Cucumber Seed Oil.


Directions For Use:

We love the Belly Butter for our morning belly skincare. Light and dewy, it is a fantastic quick-absorbing hydrator for busy mums to be. The Belly Oil is ideal for a beautiful evening skin ritual, when you have a little more time post shower for a calming, gentle belly massage. 

If using the Belly Duo products at the same time, apply the Belly Oil first followed by the Belly Butter. Full directions for correct application are on each product box.


Postpartum Stretch Marks - Customer Review

"In February I purchased the Mama & Bird Belly Duo for my postpartum stretch marks, and have been using this 3-4 times a week before bed. I always felt like my stretch marks were still there, and I wasn’t noticing a different until I went back and looked at the photo I took the day I began using the Belly Duo.

To my surprised they’ve lightened more than I actually thought they would, super impressed with these amazing products. This isn’t an Ad, or paid sponsored post - this is a real honest review." - Jemma Louise - QLD, Verified Buyer


All Natural Ingredients. Full Ingredients:

Our Mama & Bird Belly Duo is created using natural, pregnancy safe ingredients, designed to support your growing baby bump.

Please view the Belly Butter & Belly Oil individual product listings to view the full ingredients for each beautiful product. 

Due to the natural nature of this product ingredients the texture, colour and aroma of our products may vary slightly between batches. Please be assured that this does not impact the efficacy of the product in any way.