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Raining Babies - Babyshowers and Meltdowns

Raining Babies - Babyshowers and Meltdowns

So rather aptly, and because it is England, on the day of my babyshower it was absolutely tipping it down; you Aussies with your gorgeous sunshine are just so bobbing lucky... and now I'm being the stereotypical English gal talking all about the weather! Anyway I digress, so back on point, and up with the industrial sized umbrella as dressed to the nines I walked excitedly to my venue, a beautiful boutique hotel where the downstairs had been transformed into a lush venue for afternoon tea and shenanigans. This was my moment for my little girl and the first time she would ever have a party thrown in her honour. When you think about it like that, I think it really highlights how unbelievably special it is, to have a group of besties all together in one room celebrating the anticipation of a new life. 

I hadn't asked for presents but was bombarded with the most generous gifts, which was incredibly overwhelming. One guest aged only 17 had made by hand a sublime baby blanket come snuggle pod, and the skill and effort that had gone into the design was truly inspiring. Another had made loads of baby themed cakes with my favourite ingredients of tons of buttercream and white chocolate (I'm pregnant it's totally allowed)! I didn't have any specific ideas but if you do know exactly what you do and don't want for your babyshower, using Baby Luno's online register is a fab idea!

As obligatory there were games to play... I found one of the most successful ones and a top tip to anyone planning their own shower is to buy a load of plasticine and get guests to model their own babies. Let's just say there were some very interesting results, and if that is some people's idea of a baby I'm genuinely terrified for them when they do decide to get pregnant. I was the only pregnant one there and whilst I did feel self conscious, these were my tribe and I didn't feel out of place in any way, and ironically it was really nice not to talk all the time about all things baby! 

I also made the decision to invite men as well, call me controversial but it takes two to make a baby, and to exclude my husband who is such an integral part to our little family would have felt unfair. This was not a party just for me, it was about us three, and the incredible journey we had come on together and we're continuing to experience. I wanted my dad there too, I wanted him to see his little girl getting ready for her little girl and I've always been a bit of an odd bug for wanting to share the experiences that mean the most to me with the people that mean the most to me, regardless of their wishes! I'm pretty sure they would have all much rather spent their afternoon doing some physical activity rather than a civilised afternoon tea, but they didn't get that choice, and they were fabulous and I felt I could explode with happiness.

I could end this blog here, riding on cloud nine, swanning off with presents galore and basically being a totally spoilt and rather ecstatic brat. But, I'm all about honesty and honesty you beautiful people is what you're going to get. So... fast forward to Monday, and after returning home after a PT client like a shortbread biscuit laying low in someone's pocket, it all came apart and I crumbled into a small powder of a million sickly, sweet pieces. All I did was open the door to the nursery, and then like Pandora's box it all came flooding out. I crouched on the floor surrounded by all the beautiful and generous gifts and I sobbed and I sobbed and I sobbed. It was that feeling of 'oh my god I'm having a baby', all these little clothes and toys will soon be worn and held by this tiny creature that I never thought would ever exist. My little IVF miracle was becoming so much more tangible through her soon to be possessions and reality felt like a punch to the face. And it was also the terrifying thought that to get to that point I would have to give birth, and that unknown quantity with all its blood and pain was frankly knee knocking fear. 

I called my husband and on hearing this puffy, panty distressed voice he immediately assumed I'd gone into labour, which really didn't help things! His boss obviously heard me, the mental wife on the other side of the phone and sensitively suggested he could take the afternoon off and go home to pick me up off the floor. So, hubby drove home to snot face, provided me with a massive roll of toilet paper and took a photo laughing at my sheer ridiculousness. He scooped me up off the floor and put me together again, gently closing the door to the nursery and taking me for a coffee, decaf of course. And that my lovely ones, was my melty after all that baby raining. 

So word of caution, a babyshower really is that... you can definitely forecast a hell of a lot of rain, sunshine and then get ready for full on melty, mushy snow.

Lottie xx


Lottie Keble-Wyatt is Baby Luno's blogger. Lottie is a pilates instructor and blogger, currently towards the end of her pregnancy. We can't wait to follow her journey as she takes on motherhood! 

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