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Kids Clothes & Accessories

Lots of gorgeous bits and pieces that will have your baby looking like a style icon! Baby dresses, pants, shorts, bibs, rompers, nappy bloomers, baby singlets and baby shoes.

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  1. Good Vibes Cap - Black (Baby-Adults)
  2. Good Vibes Cap - Dusty Rose (Baby-Adults)
  3. UPF50+ Bucket Hat - Sage Resort (Kids & Adult)
  4. UPF50+ Bucket Hat - Oyster Resort (Kids & Adult)
  5. Snapback Hat - Signature Sand (Kids-Adults)
  6. Wool Fedora Hat - Caramel (Kids-Adults)
  7. Wool Fedora Hat - Dusty Taupe (Kids-Adults)
  8. Snapback Hat - PERSONALISED NAME (Kids-Adults) Black
  9. Snapback Hat - PERSONALISED NAME (Kids-Adults) Pink