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Buy Now and Pay Later - Afterpay vs ZipPay

 We now provide numerous ways to pay for your items including the following:
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card - Mastercard, Visa and American Express
  • ZipPay - Buy Now and Pay Later. Learn more here: zipPay
  • AfterPay - Buy Now and Pay Later. Learn more here: Afterpay

Both Afterpay and ZipPay are great ways to manage your cash flow, and we have compiled a small comparison chart showing their differences.  

Cart Limit




Payment Amount
4 equal instalments Min. $40 per month
Payment Schedule
Fortnightly Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly
Payment Method
Visa or Mastercard Visa, Mastercard, B-Pay
1st Payment Due


Immediately for new customers or orders over $500.  

Otherwise, 2 weeks from date of purchase

Last day of the following month of purchase

Eg. Any purchase in February is due by the end of March


Fees Late fee for payments not processed and not paid by you $10

Up to 60 days fee free, $5 each month for balances above $0

Late fee of additional $5 where no payments are made


Approval Limit With good payment history your limit can increase over time You can apply for a credit increase after 3 months of good repayments


So it seems Afterpay is more structured while ZipPay allows a more flexibility in when and how you make repayments. Therefore more choices for you depending on your circumstances.