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Elodie Details

Elodie Details is a Swedish design company that creates functional and innovative baby products. Elodie Details believe that the products we use in everyday baby life are more than simple necessities for an easier day, they tell us something about who we are. Personal style is not a question of age and they therefore strive to create fun and unique products that express a personality. 
They have some amazingly beautiful products like baby bags, dummies, dummy clips, bibs, beanies, musical mobiles, pram accessories and more.

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  1. Baby Bag - Elodie Details Bedouin Stories - Baby Luno
  2. Dummy - Moustache LOVE 2-pack - Baby Luno
  3. Dummy - Zebra Sunshine 2-pack - Baby Luno
  4. Playmat - Tender Blue - Baby Luno
  5. Pram Mosquito Net - Dot - Baby Luno
    Sold Out
  6. StoreMyStuff - Colours of the Wind - Baby Luno
    Sold Out
  7. StoreMyStuff - Graphic Grace - Baby Luno

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