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Why Our Nordic Footmuffs Never Go On Sale

Despite the retail pressure, we are committed to never put our baby luno Nordic Footmuffs on sale on our website and we’d like to take a moment to explain why.

As a brand, we try and be as authentic as possible. Our founder, Louise, is a Melbourne mother-of-two, who knows both the stresses of being a new mum as well as the financial pressures and therefore wants to give an even fair go to ALL customers. Therefore, we want to ensure that we can offer ALL of our customers the lowest possible price all year round. To do so, we design, build, and price our products to their true value and we do not price our products to go on sale.  Besides guaranteeing fairness for all our customers, it also helps us ensure that we are paying our suppliers fair and living wages for their work. Our Nordic Footmuffs are of very high-quality so you can use them for many years (one size fits 0-3 years) and then even pass it on to siblings, cousins or friends. We have also made them reversible so you can use them every day of the year, all year around. We believe this longevity reflects in the price per use. We also offer free shipping to all our customers in Australia and New Zealand to help with costs*

We also think that there is nothing more frustrating (in retail) than when you buy something and then see it on sale 2 weeks later! We don’t want our community to feel that buyer's remorse, so we keep it consistent for everyone, year round. 

Lastly, we produce in small quantities. While this does mean our products often sell out, it also means we do not have any excess stock in the warehouse that we need to quickly dispose of in an urgent flash sale. As a bonus, our small production runs helps us minimise our environmental footprint and keep unsold excess out of landfills.  

We hope that gives everyone some insight into who we are. As always we welcome any questions or comments from our community -  please email us at


Love from Louise and the baby luno team xx

 *Please note that we do sometimes offer a slight discount at baby expos since we do not have to pay for shipping costs out to customers.