Fabric Wall Decals - Dinosaurs Stegosaurus

  • $54.00

Preparing your child's nursery is such an exciting time. These gorgeous fabric wall decals from Ari Collective are designed and made in Australia. Give your nursery, kids bedroom or playroom a magical and adorable touch.


  • Made from matte fabric that will readily peel off without causing damage to your walls
  • Can be reused over and over
  • Will not fall off, curl up, tear or stretch
  • Sheet size is approximately 42cm by 59cm - please see images for individual measurements
  • Designed for flat, light coloured walls (not to be used on textured walls like concrete, render or brick)
  • Allow newly painted walls 4 weeks to outgas before application
  • Ready made - please allow up to 1 week before the decals are posted


  1. Make sure the wall is clean, dry and dust free
  2. Peel the decals from the backing paper
  3. Smooth the designs to the wall
  4. To reposition them, just lift an edge and peel them off the wall
  5. Keep the backing paper if you want to move or store the decals

Designed and made with great care and love in Australia

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