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Infant Play Mat

When drafting up your items list for your baby’s nursery, right near the top of priority items should definitely be a play mat. You may not quite see a play mat as top priority but trust us; they are one of the most important items in any baby’s nursery. Read More

Infant Play Mat

At Baby Luno we have infant play mats for all types of babies, from newborn to infant, all photo-ready to complement a bedroom or nursery. We pride ourselves on being able to offer high-quality products at affordable prices for you and your baby. From pregnancy onwards, we’re here to make motherhood as easy as possible for families, and keep you looking stylish throughout.

The Benefits Of An Infant Playmat

Some of the amazing skills and functions that the best infant play mat help babies develop include:

Developing vision and focus

Consistent exposure to the beautiful colours and designs of the infant play mat eventually captures baby’s attention and causes them to focus in and try to identify these colours and shapes. They can stare for hours at them at a time! However, this helps to develop their vision and focus.

Building motor skills

The infant play mat is a safe space to encourage baby to engage in “tummy time” and “tummy play”, becoming comfortable with lying on their tummy and even rolling over and back onto their tummy.

How To Use Your Infant Playmat To It's Full Potential

A nursery playmat is great for playtime with anyone, whether it’s in the nursery, the kitchen, or on the go. No matter how old your child is, infant playmats and playing help improve motor skills and increase curiosity and confidence.

As they grow, you can make changes to your infant’s play mat, adding in extra elements to stimulate their brains. For example, you could introduce:

  • Hanging toys – This improves your child’s grasping skills and hand-eye coordination. This could also help them to focus on one thing rather than becoming overwhelmed by things around them.
  • Bells and rattles - These help your child learn the simple concepts of cause and effect. For example, they learn that if they hit the bell, it makes a noise.
  • Musical mobiles – Music has been proven to increase brain stimulation, and some mothers even believe playing music to their unborn babies in the womb could help too.
  • Bright colours and shapes – Babies are born with very blurred vision, so it’s important that as they grow, they are able to distinguish different colours and shapes to improve this from a young age.
  • Toys – Large infant playmats are also great for toddlers playing. They’re not into laying down with hanging toys as much and are more interested in toys, buttons, and other curiosities.

Our baby floor mats are both unisex and reversible so you can reuse them if there’s another new addition to the family. The high-quality materials and products are long-lasting, so you can use them for years to come. They’re also guaranteed to have no harmful chemicals and completely safe for your baby to enjoy. Even when they start to move around, they can learn on the mats where it’s softer when they fall.

How Large Are Our Infant Playmats?

At Baby Luno, our infant playmats are 120cm in diameter, so they’re perfect for sharing with others. Or maybe, your little one is just a wriggly baby who can’t keep still. A large playmat can stay with you as your baby grows into a toddler without having to worry about outgrowing it. You don’t even have to worry about staining because they’re all machine washable and easy to clean.

Find The Best Infant Play Mat at Baby Luno

We thoroughly appreciate the important role of the baby play mat here at Baby Luno, and that’s why we have made it our mission to stock a great range of high-quality play mats, with exquisite designs and extensive functional purpose.

We are delighted to exclusively stock a full range of unique infant play mats from well-known Swedish brand Elodie Details. Each large infant play mat has reversible sides with different stunning designs on each side. They can be used in any room of the house, not just the nursery, provide soft cushion and light foam padding to ensure the safe, comfortable space baby needs to play. So versatile is the design that many parents keep the mat as a design feature in a room of the home, long after baby has grown up!

Baby Luno – A Helping Hand Throughout Motherhood

We established the Baby Luno online baby store to help you throughout your first year of motherhood. We make it easy to buy all the items that baby and mother needs, including cots, nappy backpacks, clothing and day-to-day products, from one place, online, at great prices. There is no need to leave the comfort of your home with free shipping across Australia and international shipping available too. We’re here to help you!

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