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The 3 Generations Behind All4Ella

The 3 Generations Behind All4Ella


All4Ella is one of our favourite brands! The reason for this is because they simply have two of our favourite products that I wished I had with my first child and what I now am loving with my second child!

A couple of years ago, one of my friends on Facebook put up adorable photos of their little baby every month with these awesome blocks saying how old their bub was and each time I actually got jealous and wished I had those blocks for my little man to record his milestones! I had no idea how to find them so when I came across All4Ella Milestone Blocks I HAD to have them both for me and for Baby Luno to make them more available for other mothers. I then found out that All4Ella also created a pram peg! I didn't even know these existed when I had my first baby, I used to walk around pushing the pram with one hand and holding the blanket over the top of the pram with the other to shield my baby's face from the sun. The pram peg is a simple but yet such a genius idea that makes life so much easier! Pram pegs is the gift I give all my friends when they become mothers and Milestone Blocks is the gift I give all my friends when they find out they are pregnant (to record their pregnancy and baby).

I knew that these products must have been created by some very clever ladies and not only are they clever ladies, they are a mother, daughter and granddaughter team!! Carla Carroll, her daughter Ella and her mother Debra Dascal were kind enough to share a bit of their story with us.


Who is behind All4Ella?
All4Ella was created by Carla Carroll, a young mum searching for an item to make parenting just that little bit easier. I am a married mum with 2 children, Ella almost 4 & Ari 9 months old.
All4Ella stands for exactly what it says All for Ella, my daughter. Once we become parents everything we do is for our kids, and that’s how All4Ella was created, because Ella was born.
Together with my amazing Sales Director Debra Dascal (aka my mum) All4Ella has now grown to be stocked in over 350 stores Australia wide and internationally throughout South Africa & NZ.
How did All4Ella come about? 
In 2013, struggling to get my new baby Ella to go to sleep while in her pram, I found a huge gap in the baby market – The Pram peg, there was nothing out there, teamed this with premium quality, double weave muslin wraps to keep the muslin securely in place. I discovered that these soft, gentle cotton wraps, secured with brightly coloured pegs, were the perfect way to protect her baby from the wind and bright lights, ensuring total breathability and allowing little Ella to get to sleep.
Together with Sales Director Debra Dascal, I used my experience as a senior buyer for a large national company to help turn All4Ella into the hugely popular brand it is today.

Do you work full time with it or do you do anything on the side?
Up until 2 months ago I was a senior buyer for an international company working full time and running All4Ella. All4Ella has now grown to the size that I have resigned from my day to day job to focus on the opportunity and growth available to us.

What is your inspiration behind your products?
My inspiration is being able to provide other mums fashion forward, good quality useful products into their everyday lives.

What is the best part about working with All4Ella?
Being able to work with my mum every day, and sharing our products with mums and bubs out there. Seeing how happy such a simple yet practical product can make people is really inspiring.

What is the most difficult part?
Juggling being a mum and running a successful business is probably the most difficult part. Being able to turn off from work, when these days with so many time zones around the world work is really 24/7.

What challenges have you come across?
Sourcing great quality products from factories so far away. Ensuring that our standards are met with each and every product they produce for us.

Where would you like to see All4Ella in 5 years time?
We would love to see the All4Ella range expanded and a real force in the baby industry not only in Australia but world wide.
Follow the amazing All4Ella on Facebook & Instagram @all4ella_prampegs to see what these inspirational mothers have coming up soon!

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