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Why is a baby luno Nordic Footmuff necessary for your baby?

Why is a baby luno Nordic Footmuff necessary for your baby?

Why is a baby luno Nordic Footmuff necessary for your baby?

A Nordic Footmuff is one of those items that once you have it, you will obsess over it, you will be telling all of your fellow mama friends to get one and you will be wondering what took you so long to add it to your online shopping cart!

However, if you are still deciding whether or not a Nordic Footmuff is a necessary purchase for your bub that is soon to arrive or bub that is already here, let us talk you through a few points that may help you make your decision..

What Age Do You Use a Nordic Footmuff:

Unlike many of the products you need and use for your baby that are age bracket specific and often a short age bracket at that, a Nordic Footmuff can be used from newborn up to 3 years old, or even longer if you are still using a stroller and convert your Nordic Footmuff in to a pram liner.

The size of the Nordic Footmuff means that it allows room for your baby as they grow and that you will get multiple seasons of use from it – as well as many years of use should you have more than 1 child!

Why Do You Need a Nordic Footmuff:

· Above all else, a Nordic Footmuff provides warmth and comfort for your child. It shields your little one from cold weather and keeps them cosy and content. While we can’t promise that your little babe will fall asleep every time they are in their Nordic Footmuff, we are confident that you will find them loving it just as much as you!

· A Nordic Footmuff removes the need for lugging around blankets and constantly tucking your baby in, making sure they are covered adequately and that no cold air is getting to them while they are resting, sleeping and outdoors with you.

· Life is easier with a Nordic Footmuff! Your baby can wear fewer layers of clothes so when you are going in and out of places and taking them out of the pram, all you need to do is lift them up and out. No need for changing clothes and re-dressing them at each location. Plus, you never have to worry about forgetting their jumpers, jackets and blankets. You have peace of mind that they will always be warm inside their Nordic Footmuff.

· Nordic Footmuff’s can transition with your baby’s growth, but also the weather. Simply roll down the top when your little one is sitting up to give them some fresh, cool air, or unzip the top layer completely to use it as a pram liner. Don’t forget, the Nordic Footmuff is also wind and water resistant, so it is a must-have for those unpredictable weather changes mid-season! 

· They’re super chic and show your style! They also make for absolutely adorable insta-worthy pics with the fur trim around your angels face.. many, many gorgeous examples of this can be found @nordicfootmuffs on Instagram!

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