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Easter Activities for the Long Weekend

Easter Activities for the Long Weekend

Easter is here (or next weekend if you celebrate Orthodox Easter) and that means public holidays, school holidays and a whole lot of family time. Love it!

However, when the family time needs a little break it’s always good to have a few activities up your sleeve for the little ones to entertain them while you get to relax with a salted Caramilk martini (yes these are real, yes they are delicious, yes here is the link).

Here are our top 5:

Window Decorations

  1. Cut out the shapes you would like to display from black paper: think eggs, bunny rabbits, chicks, religious crosses, flowers
  2. Stick strips of black paper across the design. This makes sticking the next part easier.
  3. Rip or cut coloured tissue paper and stick it inside your design
  4. Wait for your designs to dry and display in windows around your house


Egg Hunt

Ok ok, this isn’t the most original idea, but it works every time! There are a couple of twists you can put on the standard hunt too.

  1. Standard egg hunt – hide chocolate eggs around your home or back yard for the children to find. Make sure you know the amount you started with and that your pets aren’t able to access the same area at this time. The last thing we want on Easter Sunday is an emergency trip to the vet!

    The plastic containers for eggs that you can find at any discount variety store are also great to contain chocolate and keep animals safe at the same time. They also help prevent melting!
  1. Have the older children do the hiding for you – genius! Have them take turns to do the hiding and finding. It’s essentially like hide and seek but with chocolate.

    Did someone say another round of Caramilk martinis…
  1. Once the eggs are collected, spend some time doing some math activities together. Challenge your children (depending on age) to count their total, remove eggs from their total and have them work out the remaining amount, split the eggs in to groups and have them add, multiply, subtract from them etc.

Decorate Eggs – NOT with dye

Yes you won't have to mess around with dye's, vinegar or end up with multicoloured hands with this! 

  1. You will need egg shells for this one so make sure you wash out the shells of cracked eggs first. If possible, keep the two sides of the egg shells in their pairs to help you match them later. Wait for them to dry.
  2. Glue the two shells back together and cover them with tissue paper. The tissue paper will reinforce the joined cracked eggs together. Wait for the tissue paper to dry.
  3. Decorate the covered eggs using paper or paint. How cute!! These can then be used for table decorations for Easter celebrations.

Bunny Face with Footprint Ears

This one is a great way for kids to express some creativity while also creating a memento of their footprint.

  1. Have your little one step on waterproof paint and then make their footprint mark on white paper.
  2. While the footprints dry, using a paper plate, have them create the bunny face however they want to. You could even use pipe cleaners for whiskers and buttons for eyes. Have them be as creative as possible.
  3. Cut out the footprints once dried and attach a darker coloured paper behind, slightly bigger than the footprint. Attach the ears to the paper plates with staples or glue.


Easter Baking

Baking for any holiday or special occasion is always fun and kids love contributing, especially when it is bright and colourful and they can then bring their creations to loved ones over the weekend.

Our go-to recipes include:

Hot Cross Buns – Recipe HERE

The Hot Cross Bun is iconic and we love making our own to control the sugar content as well as the size of them. That’s why the Freeze and Bake Poddies from We Might Be Tiny come in so handy!

Plus the bunny shape (as well as the bear and cat shape) is so fitting!

Chocolate Nests – Recipe HERE


Rice bubble Eggs – Recipe HERE


Easter Slice – Recipe HERE

 However you spend your long weekend, we hope it is relaxing, enjoyable and safe.

Happy Easter! x

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