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Why a baby luno Nordic Footmuff is the accessory you and bub need this Winter!

Why a baby luno Nordic Footmuff is the accessory you and bub need this Winter!

Adventures aren’t just for warm weather and sunny days, at baby luno we believe in adventures all year around for you and your little ones!
Keep moving and keep your baby snuggly warm in a baby luno Nordic Footmuff this Winter – the answer to all of your ‘how do we enjoy the outdoors when it is chilly?’ questions! 
What is a Nordic Footmuff:
A baby luno Nordic Footmuff attaches to your pram and provides a warm, safe place for your baby to sit or lay in and means you can enjoy time outdoors and long walks, without worrying about bub feeling the cold.
A footmuff removes the need for blankets (that are always falling off/out of the pram) and being wind and water resistant, you never have to worry about what weather you may be experiencing during the day and what extra layers and items you need to pack.
If the day is warmer than expected, you can roll down the top of the footmuff or remove the top layer completely, leaving the comfy pram liner.
If the day is cooler than expected, zip up the footmuff and know your baby is in a cosy cocoon.
Will a Nordic Footmuff fit my pram?
The baby luno Nordic Footmuff fits EVERY pram! It also has holes for the safety harnesses to come through and works with 5-point harnesses and non-detachable harnesses too.
Bonus – the baby luno Nordic Footmuff also fits capsules.
Why is it called Nordic? Is it only suitable for really cold weather? For snow?
With baby luno Founder, Louise, hailing from Sweden and super cold, snowy winters, it was only natural for the Nordic Footmuffs to extend a nod to her heritage in their name. These Nordic Footmuffs are warmer than most footmuffs you see on the market so you don’t have to worry about putting too many layers on bub.
However, do not fear. The Nordic Footmuffs are not only suitable for really cold weather, in fact, they now come in two thickness options.
Original – suitable for cold climates such as Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.
Thin – suitable for warmer climates that do not drop below 12 degrees Celsius, such as Queensland and some parts of New South Wales and Western Australia. (It is also a great option as an Autumn/Spring footmuff for the cold climate areas).
Unsure which thickness to get? Contact us and we can help you pick to make sure your baby is suitably warm.
A little trick to see if bub is warm or cold, is to always feel their tummy.
How long can I use a baby luno Nordic Footmuff for?
Our Nordic Footmuffs are suitable for newborns up to 2.5 years old, so you will get multiple seasons out of it – especially if you remove the top layer in the warmer seasons, turn it inside out and use it as a waterproof pram liner!
Bonus – the baby luno Nordic Footmuff is machine washable, extending its life even more and keeping your bub looking oh-so-chic in their pram! (Just remove the fur when you machine wash it)
The only question left now is – which design will you get?!

Still not sure? Don’t just take our word for it on how a baby luno Nordic Footmuff is bound to be your best friend this Winter, check out some of our amazing 5 star reviews!

I’d give it 6 stars if I could! - Fiona 
“Hands down my best baby purchase so far. it fits snuggly in the bassinet of my pram, keeping my little one toasty warm on the cold Victorian days. i don’t have to worry about stacking layers on her and the best part is it will last another 2 winters! I’m in love & i get so many comments on how great it looks!” 

Nordic Footmuff - Maria
“I am so glad I've purchased the Nordic Footmuff. I wish I'd ordered it much earlier and that I'd had one for my eldest child. Knowing that my little one is warm and snug gives me such peace of mind and ensures that we can be out and about as often as possible, particularly during a cold Victorian winter. I'm very impressed with the quality of the footmuff and really appreciated the personalised approach for ordering and delivery. Thank you”

My baby voluntarily crawls into it even when it’s not on the pram!!! - Rhiannon
“Such an amazing investment, I can see myself using his for years to come. My son is 1 and is obsessed with it he is so snuggly in it and literally reaches for it himself!”

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