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What to Wear in a baby luno Nordic Footmuff Pram Liner

What to Wear in a baby luno Nordic Footmuff Pram Liner

So, you’ve done it. You have ordered your baby luno Nordic Footmuff – yay! It’s on its way to you and you are thinking about all of the fun days outside you are due to have without worrying about your baby getting cold, but then, you start to wonder: ‘What do I dress my baby in when it arrives?’

While there is no strict wrong or right answer, there are a few guidelines to follow that will ensure bub is super cosy while snuggled in to their Nordic Footmuff.

When dressing your baby before going out in their Nordic Footmuff, start with this simple checklist: Where are we going, how cold is it outside, what are we planning to do.

The Nordic Footmuff is similar to a sleeping bag that many of us would have used while camping. The Nordic Footmuff heats up from the warmth of the baby’s body, so if they are wearing too many layers, they will begin to sweat and the Nordic Footmuff won’t heat up as intended.

It all, of course, depends on the weather outside. For the most part, in Australia, you won’t need to dress your baby in many layers at all for your baby to be inside the Nordic Footmuff - and this is the point of it. We would suggest a onesie or similar and perhaps a beanie, on colder days.

Outside of Australia in climates such as Canada and areas with snow, we suggest a jumper over their onesie.

Babies lose heat rapidly when exposed to the cold – as much as four times quicker than adults. As a general guide, dress your baby in the same number of layers you’re wearing, plus an extra layer.

The best way to check on your baby's temperature is by putting your hand on the skin on their chest or the back of their neckBaby’s chest should feel warm. Don't use their hands or feet as a guide as they will always feel cooler than the rest of their body.

If you are planning on taking your baby out of the Nordic Footmuff while outdoors, then we suggest bringing the extra layers, a jacket etc, that you normally would, however, once they return to the Nordic Footmuff, you will most likely want to remove these layers, again, depending on the weather.

If you are heading inside a shopping centre or the sun comes out when you're out, you can easily unzip the footmuff a bit if you need to.

When your little one is sitting up in the Nordic Footmuff, they won’t have their arms covered so a jumper or jacket in winter is advisable and we always recommend covering your baby’s head with a hat or beanie whether laying down or sitting up. The body loses heat through the head and we would hate for all of that lovely warmth that the Nordic Footmuff is providing to escape and bub be cold!


Using your Nordic Footmuff on warmer days as a pram liner? The comfy cushioning will provide a tiny bit of warmth but being unzipped, the Nordic Footmuff won’t be contributing to your child’s overall body temperature. Therefore, we suggest dressing bub as you normally would for the day out depending on the forecast and your activity for the day.

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