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The Idea Behind Baby Luno

The idea for Baby Luno started in January 2015. I was living in New Zealand at the time with my husband and our 1-year old son. My husband and I shared a car that he used most of the time to get to work so I walked everywhere. I was lucky enough to have some stores around in the area but it was pretty limited. I remember trying to find a cool baseball cap that would fit him. I went through all the stores nearby but couldn't find one (only sunhats) so I searched online for hours and hours! I eventually found a baseball cap that I liked and it was an american website that would not ship internationally and another website had one but the shipping cost was more than the cost of the baseball cap itself. This got me very frustrated and made me think of all the items that I had tried to get for my little boy over the past year. I never found a baby bag that I liked that was both fashionable and practical. It took me forever to find stylish baby bandana bibs to catch their drool while teething. I could not find a good quality baby sleeping bag without spending a fortune and I never swaddled my little boy because I could not figure out the origami with a classic swaddle. These are just some of the things that I had trouble finding as a new mother so this is when I came up with the idea of starting my own baby website and stock all the things that I had trouble finding and try to make it easier for other mothers to find what they are looking for!

I want to both make it easier for mothers to find all the beautiful stuff out there by creating ONE online store that has almost everything and I also want to feature smaller companies that have gorgeous products but have difficulty getting their products out there for mothers to find easily.

We will not be stocking exactly "everything" today from the start but that is the goal for the future - to stock everything you need or want for when you have a baby. We want to become the only place you need to shop at.

It has been an amazing journey this year! I had a big break from Baby Luno for several months when we were out traveling and my motivation disappeared and I wasn't sure I could pull this website off. However, after bumping into a "guru" in the baby online store industry who I sat down and had a mentoring meeting with, I was back on track and there has not been a day since the beginning of August that I have not worked on this project. We have now moved to Sydney, Australia and I am extremely excited to be launching now in October to see how this adventure continues! We ship worldwide and try to keep all shipping costs to a minimum.

Welcome to the Baby Luno party!

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