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Motherhood is My Passion

You know when you find that thing in life - a hobby, a passion, an interest, a job, whatever it is - and you know it is what you are here for? It is your reason for living. It drives every decision, action, and reaction. You love every aspect of it - the good, the bad and the ugly. You know you are good at it, and it makes your heart sing, even when it’s hard? 

That’s how I feel about being a mum. 

And I am blessed to be mum to three beautiful children - each with their own unique journey into our world. 


Christopher Phillip - 4years old. 

Christopher is our miracle baby. After finding an abnormality in his brain at 28weeks pregnant, further testing prompted medical teams to offer termination at 31weeks due to the severity of the damage to his brain. He was born at 37+5weeks with Congenital Cytomegalovirus (cCMV). Secondary to this he has a myriad of other diagnosis’ including Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, that place him in the severely disabled category. He is fed via a PEG (a direct line into his stomach), is non-verbal, non-mobile and relies on us for absolutely everything. Despite all of this he is a cheeky, determined and adoring 4-year old boy who has a smile to brighten the darkest of days. He radiates joy and his cuddles are pure love. 



Charlotte Patricia - 19months.

Charlie is our shining star. After finding an abnormality in her brain at 28weeks pregnant, my second pregnancy was also marred with fear and uncertainty for our beautiful babes future. Unlike her brother, they were unable to find anything else of concern. Even so, we were closely monitored for the remainder of the pregnancy. She was born at 38+2weeks and all scans and tests showed that she is completely fine. The last 19months have only solidified these results. She is bright, tenacious and full of empathy and compassion. She has shown us a world full of awe and wonder. Her lust for life and love for her siblings is truly amazing to witness.



Matilda Mary - 9 days new

Tilly is divine. Regular scans and monitoring throughout this pregnancy told my rational side that everything was fine, but as the months ticked by, my emotional side ramped up the stress and concern. At every single appointment, scan and check up I held my breath waiting for our phenomenal medical team to tell me there was something wrong. Despite their reassuring, it wasn’t until she was in my arms at 38+4weeks that I truly believed it. At just nine days new, she hasn’t done more than sleep, eat and poop to prove this. For us, that is enough.

These three little people are pure perfection in my eyes. Not every day is joyful, and there are often tears, but they bring so much colour and light to my life that I wouldn’t change a thing. I cannot wait to share our world with you all xx 


This is the first blog from Mumma Pam Rogers, mother-of-3 from Canberra, Australia. She joins the baby luno Mum Diaries team and will be blogging regularly as she continues on her motherhood journey and we can't wait to follow.


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