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Pilates Instructor Lottie Keble Reviews Nursing Sports Bra

Pilates Instructor Lottie Keble Reviews Nursing Sports Bra






Lottie Keble-Wyatt is baby luno's first frequent blogger. Lottie is a pilates instructor and blogger, currently in her 33rd week of pregnancy. We can't wait to follow her journey as she takes on motherhood! Here she writes about staying fit in pregnancy and her review of our Ultimate High Impact Nursing Sports Bra.


For me, pregnancy was an absolute gift, my partner and I struggled to conceive naturally so when our IVF treatment worked first time we felt we had been given a little miracle. My goodness... seeing that little blob on the screen moving and bouncing around was just pure joy, I couldn't stop the tears leaking down my cheeks and I remember thinking, this is it, I'm going to be a Mother. 

Pregnancy though, does not mean nine months of kicking my feet up and stuffing my face, as a fitness professional I know that my body and my baby deserve more, so much more. Staying fit and active through pregnancy is so unbelievably beneficial and, frankly I was surprised at archaic reactions of dismay to my intended regime. I think the important thing for any woman who wishes to maintain her fitness is to be mindful of her own body and to not try anything radically new or extreme. Yes, there will be days of needing to eat the entire contents of the fridge, days spent hanging out, or rather, over the toilet, and days where you just cry, for literally no reason, and then cry a little bit more. But, ultimately once those days pass, you want your body to be as strong and prepared for labour and your baby as possible. 

I have been so lucky with a fairly uncomplicated pregnancy so with a few modifications really haven't had to change my current teaching pattern and personal exercise routine. I am 32 weeks pregnant, although when you read this I'll probably be further along, and teach around 15- 20 hours a week, ranging from Spin to Pilates, Barre and PT. Consequently, my exercise apparel really has to be up to scratch. With such changes going on in your body it is essential to get clothes that support and protect; so to discover Baby Luno's nursing high impact sports bras was a godsend. 

Let's face it 'the girls' are growing out of control, they are sore, and rather charmingly can leak at any point, they need scaffolding to keep them up and in place when I'm jumping about but, they also need a fabric that is flexible with a constantly evolving body. Now, that's a tall order by anyone's standards, so you can just imagine my relief when the bra from Cadenshae not only fulfilled the brief but surpassed expectation, and I'm not even at the breastfeeding stage yet!

So why has a bra got me all gooey around the edges? Firstly, I have been crying out for a bra with a nice thick back strap that doesn't ride up as I desperately tighten the shoulder straps to try and pull the 'boobage' into submission! This design is deliciously wide and even has an extended bit so where baby has widened my rib cage l have that extra space to work out... no longer do my ribs feel like they're compressing down on my lungs, making an already pesky pregnancy symptom of breathlessness ten times worse. The shoulder straps are also lovely and wide and padded so that they don't chafe my extra sensitive skin, why don't they tell you that pregnancy can make your skin super itchy? I also love the fact you can choose to change it to a racer back for extra support and that the cups are moulded giving me a good shape under my sports top. It just makes me feel womanly and not like a human making machine! The colour is also fashion forward and I actively find tops that show a pop of this colour of the bra peeking through. In short, this amazing bra is not just hugely supportive physically, but also mentally, as it allows me to feel part of the fashion pack and inspires me to want to wear it, and therefore, to want to work out. As a Brit I was a little worried about buying from an Australian company, baby luno, but, it was so simple and the product was a million, squillion times worth the wait (which was actually barely a week). The shipping fee was only £9 to the U.K... for an international delivery excellent value. 

The best things in life are worth waiting for, and like my baby girl who I cannot wait to meet for the first time, this bra is totally worth it. Now, I really have no excuse to keep my body fit and ready for when this little girl of mine decides to make her appearance into this big and very exciting world. 

-Lottie xx

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