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Help Children Attend School in South Africa - Our Giving Back Program

Help Children Attend School in South Africa - Our Giving Back Program

When I was 13 years old, I traveled to Tanzania in Africa for the first time. It was an amazing experience for a teenage girl who's biggest issues were gossip and boys. My mother had brought hundreds of pens and notepads to give to little kids and my brothers' gave their worn out sweaty basketball-themed t-shirts to kids walking past on the street and I have never seen anyone get filled with more joy than these kids. I still remember their smiles as if it was yesterday.

Towards the end of that trip, I told my family that one day, I want to return to Africa and build a school for kids to attend for free and get meals and loads of pens. Education is a gift that keeps on giving and with an eduction they can earn money and live a good life and buy their own pens.

I am not quite in a position to build a school yet. However, in October, I am traveling to South Africa and am going to help the Under Four Trees Schools to help children in the nearby community attend these schools.

By law, in South Africa, students must wear a school uniform to attend school but many students cannot afford this and therefore are unable to attend school. 320 children at this school don't have any parents and if they are lucky enough to get a school uniform, many times this is the only clothing they own so they get dirty and ripped.

A school uniform costs just $13 AUD for one child to attend school. The school also feeds the children. It is not a lot of money for us but can change a life of a child.

A percentage of every order placed on from the 1st of September to the 20th of October, will go towards this cause.

If you would like to help more, we have set up a Go Fund Me page. Since I will be traveling there myself, 100% of the fundraising will go to the children in need. I will be buying the school uniforms myself and giving them to the children. I will be showing our trip on our Instagram stories @babylunoshop for you to follow along to see what your donation will help.


The second school we will be helping, is for children with disabilities where the school provides boarding for the children as well. Many of these children get sexually assaulted or left by themselves for over 9 hours, when they are not at the school so therefore they provide boarding to help prevent this.

Thank you so much for any donation that you feel like you can make. You are helping change lives ❤️


The second school for children with disabilities:


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